Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Australian Farmland Investment To Benefit From High Wheat Prices

Australian wheat - unique farmland investment for retail investors
We at GreenWorld have long seen continued strong interest in our portfolio of farmland investments.  One of our most attractive projects is our farmland investment in Australia.  This project is quite attractive due to the extremely low price of farmland in Australia (approximately US$600/acre versus US$10,000/acre in England or the US).  The investment targets annual dividends of approximately 9%, plus any upside in the capital value of the land.  Finally, the political and economic stability of Australia makes this one of the more attractive alternative agriculture investments available to retail investors.

GreenWorld's Australian farmland project focuses on wheat farmland located in the western Australian wheat belt.  What is making this project particularly attractive now is that wheat prices have skyrocketed lately, and as this article notes, the Australian wheat crop has benefited greatly from this trend.  For investors in Australian farmland, this promises a year of very attractive annual dividend payments!

If you are interested in finding out more information on how you can participate in this project, please contact us at info@greenworldbvi.com.


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