Saturday, 10 December 2011

QE - Like Currency Debasement in the Roman Empire

As the crisis in the Eurozone continues to linger, central banks globally continue to use Quantitative Easing - QE or the printing of new money - in an effort to stabilize the economic situation. As Amrose Evans Pritchard pointed out in an article in the Daily Telegraph, the UK and US have used QE to inflate away some of the debt, which is a form of stealth default. Interestingly enough, this is not only a modern phenomonon, as currency debasement has occured as far back as the Roman Empire. As investors, all one can do to combat Governments' use of QE is to invest in "hard assets" such as farmland investments and timber investments as a hedge. Feel free to contact us at to learn more.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Are You Looking for Alternative SIPP Investments to Ride Out the Storm?

If you do own a SIPP, it might well be worth it to consider alternatve investments in hard assets such as forestry and farmland. Assets such as Forestry and Farmland provide high current income, excellent capital growth prospects and can offer an excellent inflation hedge Perfect for riding out the storm of financial crisis. Below are the alternative investment options we offer:

Timber Investments

Farmland Investments

Low Carbon Investments

International Property Investments

Please e-mail for more detailed information on alternative investments available!

Farmland Investments: A Great New Asset Class for Retail Investors

We have been talking quite a bit in our other blog about the advantages of farmland as an investment for retail investors. In that regard, it might also be useful to summarize the advantages of farmland investments here as well:

1.High current income when interest rates for traditional savings accounts are close to zero
2.Very good medium to long-term prospects for capital gain due to the continued high prices of agricultural commodities
3.An excellent hedge against inflation as central banks inevitably turn to additional printing of money in response to the global financial crisis and a possible break-up of the Eurozone
4.Farmland provides diversification as it is not correlated to assets such as global stocks

GreenWorld BVI offers three farmland agricultural investments for retail investors:

Farmland investment in Africa
Farmland investment in europe
Farmland investment in Australia

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Jim Rogers in Sharp Clash with Marc Faber on Commodities

Jim Rogers has had quite a spat with his fellow investor Marc Faber. Faber recently said that he believed that the economic crisis would cause a big drop in commodity prices and that Rogers' was wrong for putting so much emphasis on commodities. Rogers replied sharply, stating that although there might be corrections in the commodities markets at times, the sector remained in a long-term upward trend. Rogers is extremely positive on farmland as an investment, and as Green World are also heavily involved in farmland investments, we were quite pleased to see Rogers sharp response to Faber. GreenWorld offers three farmland investments noted below - all target retail investors and are SIPP eligible investments - feel free to contact us at for more information.

Farmland investment in Africa

Farmland investment in Europe

Australian farmland

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

China to Focus on Reducing Carbon Emissions - A Good Argument for Carbon Credit Investments

We just saw a very good article here. It looks like China is finally getting serious about making low carbon investments to reduce the amount of C)2 they give off. Given the severe environmental degradation in China, this is well overdue and is fantastic news for both China and the planet. Realistically, whatever the West may be willing to do to lower its emissions, unless and until China joins this effort very little progress will be made. China's actions and further plans will be well worth watching, but this is a good beginning to a difficult long-term problem. It also indicates to us that Green World's carbon credit investments are going to be increasingly valuable in the future.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

China Surges in Green Investment, Overtaking US

As if there wasn't already enough evidence of China's effect on the world economy, we now see that as of early 2010 China had actually overtaken the United States in Green Investments. As the article notes, in addition to China, Britain, Spain and Germany were also among the leaders in green investment, whilst the US, Australia and Japan lagged behind. Luckily for our clients, GreenWorld BVI offers a series of green investments, including our bamboo investment and two unique carbon credit investments.