Saturday, 9 June 2012

Series of Articles on Farmland Investing

GreenWorld have always believed that farmland and agriculture investments are an excellent alternative asset class that provides diversity from a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds.  We recently have written a series of articles published on Technorati that provide an overview of agricultural land investing:

Farmland Investments:  A Unique Asset Class Becomes Available to Individuals

Arable Land Shortage and the Case for Farmland and Agriculture Investments

Farmland Set to Profit as Wheat Prices Soar

If you are interested in investing in farmland, please consider our two latest opportunities:

European Farmland Investment

African Farmland Investment

Both of these projects are directed at retail investors as they have low minimum requirements and are purely passive investments where the project manager handles everything from planting of the crop to harvesting to sale.  Investors are paid regular yearly dividend income, plus receive any appreciation in the value of the land when they sell their investments.

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