Wednesday, 30 November 2011

China to Focus on Reducing Carbon Emissions - A Good Argument for Carbon Credit Investments

We just saw a very good article here. It looks like China is finally getting serious about making low carbon investments to reduce the amount of C)2 they give off. Given the severe environmental degradation in China, this is well overdue and is fantastic news for both China and the planet. Realistically, whatever the West may be willing to do to lower its emissions, unless and until China joins this effort very little progress will be made. China's actions and further plans will be well worth watching, but this is a good beginning to a difficult long-term problem. It also indicates to us that Green World's carbon credit investments are going to be increasingly valuable in the future.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

China Surges in Green Investment, Overtaking US

As if there wasn't already enough evidence of China's effect on the world economy, we now see that as of early 2010 China had actually overtaken the United States in Green Investments. As the article notes, in addition to China, Britain, Spain and Germany were also among the leaders in green investment, whilst the US, Australia and Japan lagged behind. Luckily for our clients, GreenWorld BVI offers a series of green investments, including our bamboo investment and two unique carbon credit investments.